Neuro Wellness

Neuro Wellness
in the Workplace

Neuro wellness  helps businesses retain talented employees and develop their better skills and capacities for greater productivity in their jobs

With advanced neurotechnology and treatment protocols, treatment for employees has shown marked improvement in communications, relationships, empowerment, and attitude.

 •  Reduces expensive recruitment programs
•  Augments training and development programs
•  Addresses disgruntled employees
•  Has been proven reliable and FDA safe
•  Takes place on site with licensed clinicians
•  Saves legal and absentee costs

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What is Neurotechnology ?

LENS Neurofeedback or the Low Energy Neurofeedback System is a specific type of EEG biofeedback referred to as reflective type of neurofeedback. It is a passive neurological treatment provided by Licensed healthcare professionals that place EEG sensor wires upon the head.

Proven Results

Using the proprietary Echo Neurofeedback protocols, a clinician provides individual treatments in a group setting. For more than 20 years, Echo Neruofeedback has been used successfully in over one million treatment sessions. Results show that 86% of people report feeling calmer and mentally clearer after their first session. Long term improvements include emotional balance, mental agility, and productivity at work and home.

What Results
can be Expected ?

Individuals are empowered to express their views comfortably and confidently.

Accumulated tensions are reduced and replaced with calm clarity. Entrenched opinions soften. Enthusiasm for work is supported by better moods, greater confidence and focused priorities.

Because Neuro Wellness unwinds stress at the source, no other program of instruction, coaching, meditation or neurofeedback is as:
•  fast and effortless
•  immediately effective
•  long lasting

Employee Development Results

The root cause of workplace conflicts, lost productivity and emotional issues is self-induced stress. Advanced LENS neurofeedback roots out the causes of tension at their source in the brain without medication or talk therapy. A LENS treatment relieves negative thought patterns and restores healthier brain activity in minutes. It replaces worry and indecision with calm confidence. Moods and attitudes become positive. With improved brain health, people feel relaxed, clear and attentive. Enhanced performances include:
•  Prioritization
•  Cooperation
•  Resilience
•  Organization
•  Self-care choices
•  Emotional intelligence

Outstanding Features

•  Eligible for wellness and health insurance funding
•  Onsite treatments take less than an hour
•  Chief clinician Grant Rudolph is a nationally recognized leader
•  Benefits carry over into employees’ personal lives.

Treatment for Anxiety

Treatment for PTSD

Recovery from Addiction

Treatment for ADD / ADHD

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