Couples Therapy

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Echo Neurotherapy offers marriage and couples neurofeedback treatments for anger and resentment issues that may be caused by emotional traumas experienced in childhood and in adult relationships. Neruofeedback works on the root causes anxiety, blame, insecurity or other habitual defensive behaviors when doing couples counseling has been ineffective.

Treatments include LENS Neurofeedback—a scientifically advanced non-invasive treatment that accelerates neuroregeneration in brain receptors and neuropathways to support better brain health. EchoNeuro treatment protocols optimize benefits in the first session with steady improvement in additional throughout treatment.

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Quit Blaming Your Partner

Marriage and family therapists frequently tell clients “Quit blaming them and work on changing yourself”. In many cases, it is not essential to do counseling or discuss their issues with a therapist. A new discovery in brain plasticity and treatment, LENS neurofeedback, has changed that. With this new technology therapists treat the cause of your partner’s annoying or aggressive behaviors at the source—the brain.

Most people know what they need to change to make their lives work but change can be hard and painful. With Echo Neurotherapy treatments, they easily make those changes because their old defenses have been dislodged and their brain functions optimally.

Digging out the roots causes of anxiety, blame, insecurity and other defensive habits in traditional couples therapy can years. When combined with LENS neurofeedback treatments, it can happen in weeks.

Neurofeedback and Counseling

Neurofeedback and counseling combined have shown to offer excellent results. With counseling, couples grow through thoughtful reflection and insight into their behavior patterns. It instills the benefit of better communication and trust.

Treatment Sessions

Couples need not schedule their LENS appointments together. Treatment can be scheduled without concurrent counseling to aid integration. Continue with your ongoing marriage counseling if you have regularly scheduled session. This will help integrate and accentuate positive changes brought about in Echo Neurotherapy treatments.

LENS Neurofeedback and EchoNuro treatments are administrated while sitting in a comfortable office chair. A computer interface initiates micro-signals through four sensors placed on the head. The brain receives EEG information during treatment and patterns its functions to operate more effectively. To enact the new instructions, the brain orders more vasodilation and blood flow for itself. The heart pumps more blood everywhere and hands and feet warm up. This induces a neurological reset in the brain and neuropathways. Treatments release trauma loops caused by stress reactions in the central nervous system. Echo Neurotherapy treatments break defensive cycles. A lifetime of anger, resentment, and insecurity can often be successfully treated with a few treatments.