Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD

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1st Treatment is FREE

Treatment for chronic PTSD symptoms is safe and easy for all ages with LENS Neurofeedback. This scientifically advanced alternative therapy rebuilds neural pathways to reduce brain inflammation caused by physical and emotional trauma.

Our clients report feeling clear and calm with increased self-confidence after the first session. Treatments result in sustainable relief from reoccurring worry loops, anger, memory loss, and foggy thinking.

  • Resets neural regeneration throughout the system and supports sustainable brain health and hormonal balance.
  • Restores mental agility, emotional resilience, and memory.
  • Return to a balanced lifestyle, livelihood, and relationships.

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An Interactive Alternative

The clinicians at Echo Neurotherapy offer a successful integrative protocol for treating brain and body trauma symptoms with LENS Neurofeedback. The treatment program is safe for all ages and degrees of severity. Sessions are conducted in a comfortable office setting passively while seated in a comfortable chair. Neurofeedback in often integrated with talk therapy, physical therapy, and meditation. Treatment sessions do not require abrupt changes in medical prescriptions or healthy lifestyle activities. Clinicians consult privately with clients in each session to answer questions and broaden their understanding of emerging benefits. The effects of treatment integrate easily into the rhythms of daily activities and typically begin after the first session.

Causes of PTSD

Different types of traumas develop into PTSD. Research at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in five Americans experienced a trauma of sexual assault as a child. One in four children were physically assaulted. One in three couples have been a violent relationship. A quarter of us grew up with an alcoholic parent or relative.

Any of these circumstances when combined with a genetic predisposition can lead to PTSD. It is common among trauma survivors to disregard and minimize the impact that trauma on their life, especially if it happened many years ago. In reality, the emotional centers of the brain (neural networks) that were disrupted from traumatic events, repeat defensive thought loops habitually. Regardless of the cause, the trauma survivor is not to blame. A full diagnosis of PTSD is not required to begin neurofeedback treatment.

Do I have PTSD?

Sometimes trauma survivor experiences isolation and surprise at their reactions, anger, or extreme sensitivity. One of the 5.2 million Americans suffered from PTSD this past year. An estimated 7.8% of all Americans will experience it at some point in their lives. While many hypotheses exist for how to treat the disorder, few activate neural plasticity and neuroregeneration in the brain as well as this type of neurotherapy. It treats the area of the brain where defensive worries emanate. Treatment resets the emotional pull of past trauma in minutes. Memories are not erased, but traumatic memories are no longer reinforced and become optional.

Other Trauma-Related Conditions

While PTSD is perhaps the most commonly recognized name, many of the symptoms and treatments can apply to other conditions. These include childhood trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), adult children of alcoholics, combat veteran syndrome, panic attacks, or childhood sexual abuse. In a broader sense, everyone has some past experience of danger that lives on as inflammation in the brain. Regardless of the name or severity, LENS is one of the most sophisticated treatments available.

Why is LENS Neurofeedback Different?

When compared with traditional neurofeedback training, LENS can be twice as fast and effective in freeing the patient from childhood traumatic memories and adult PTSD. Most importantly, it is safe. LENS is also far more pleasant than many alternative treatments. Unlike EMDR or talk therapy, neurofeedback does not require re-visiting painful memories. Neurofeedback for PTSD does not dull the joys of life like some medications. Many patients report pleasant and calmer moods following each session. The benefits are long lasting–after a series of sessions with positive enduring changes.

Cutting Edge

Currently, the most innovative trauma clinics and advanced practitioners around the world are integrating neurofeedback with their treatments. At Echo Neurotherapy, we not only use LENS, but also introduce positive psychology in our EchoNeuro treatment protocols. Self-medicating becomes unnecessary as brain inflammation is treated at the source. The road to restoring optimal mental and emotional health is safe and easy with LENS Neurofeedback. Call us today for more information.