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Treatment protocol use LENS Neurofeedback in measures that have been shown to regenerate neuro-functioning with positive effects on disorders and certain behavioral conditions. Echo Neurotherapy protocols  have been effective for thousands of people of all ages.

Treatment sessions take less time than traditional brain-training neurofeedback with accelerated benifits in the first session.

LENS Neurofeedback offers better clinical results for treatment of various mood disorders and behavioral conditions. This includes psychological and physical or emotional trauma, chronic pain, various mental disorders caused by head and body trauma.  Other diagnoses may include anxiety, ADHD/ADD, autism, traumatic brain injury (TBI), bipolar, depression, migraines, PTSD, learning disabilities especially in children. Treatment typically has positive outcomes for other non-diagnosed behavioral symptoms.

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Treatments are Safe
and Easy

Neurofeedback treatments are easy and safe for children, teens, and older adults. More than a million Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) sessions have been performed worldwide. University studies document the effectiveness for this type of neurofeedback therapy. Treatments combine EchoNeuro protocols with LENS to address a broad range of behavioral health disorders and recovery conditions.

Echo Neurotherapy induces neuroregeneration—a natural process our brain and body performs automatically to maintain and regenerate brain cells. Sessions are administered in a comfortable office setting for consultation, assessment, treatment, and follow-up evaluation.

Treatment sessions are conducted without the need for the preliminary qEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) brain maps or repetitive brain training required in traditional EEG neurofeedback. They require no direct effort or engagement other than sitting comfortably in a chair. Four small sensors are placed on the head to reflect low energy EEG signals between the computer system and the brain. This activity shows the brain how it can abandon obsolete pattern and function more efficiently and effectively.

The process is similar to rebooting a computer that is overloaded from running to many programs simultaneously. Then, the natural regenerative properties of the brain restore neural pathways.

After the initial session, subsequent treatments take from twenty to forty minutes. The number of sessions required is far less than traditional neurofeedback and varies based on individual health conditions and goals.

About Echo Neurotherapy

The clinic was founded in 1990 by Grant Rudolph and Victoria Vogel. Grant served as the director of research until his passing in January 2023. Durning that time, the clinic served more than 20,000 clients providing services to a wide variety of behavioral conditions

The clinic is currently headed by  Victoria Vogel  as Clinical Director. She and Ana Bosque continue to provide individualized care with sensitivity to every client’s unique  symptoms and circumstances. They offer expertise to effectively address a wide variety of  neurological symptoms and behavioral conditions. Throughout a curse of treatment, they provide close guidance and support so every client receives optimal personalized therapy to achieve their personal needs and goals.

Brain Science Advancements
LENS Neurofeedback Treatment combined with EchoNeuro treatment plans have helped thousands of people restore brain functions and emotional resilience to once again enjoy normal functioning with active lifestyles. Echo Neurotherapy has contributed  to brain science evidence that supports mental acuity resulting from raja yoga and certain kinds of meditation.

Results Oriented Therapies
 LENS Neurofeedback is results oriented. Treatment has been successful for more that a million patients with dozens of conditions listed HERE. This therapy required fewer sessions  when compared to traditional neurofeedback.

Treatment are conducted in a safe and hygienic office setting . There is no need to do or anything specific but relax. Treatments are administered while seated in a comfortabel office chair and take only a few minutes. Your therapist helps guide your attention to recognize the ensuing changes to reinforce neural pathways development as brain inflammation clears. Each session offers cumulative benefits that can last a lifetime.

Our Professional Promise
With more than 20,000 client sessions. Echo Neurotherapy is recognized by Sophia University as a thought leader in transformative technology.