Raynaud’s Syndrome

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Echo Neurotherapy provides medication-free treatment for chronic cold hands and feet. Raynaud’s Syndrome occurs when the brain overly reacts and reduces adequate circulation to the extremities. EchoNeuro treatment protocols combined with LENS Neurofeedback restores better circulation after the first and subsequent treatments.

LENS Neurofeedback is a non-invasive treatment that accelerates neuroregeneration of brain receptors and neural pathways to support optimal blood circulation throughout the body.

Most clients feel the benefits after the first treatment with steady improvement in just a few sessions.

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Warm Hands and Feet

Restricted blood flow to the extremities are a primary cause for cold hand and feet. Head and body trauma can be a primary cause for ensuing brain inflammation leading to poor circulation in the extremities for years after the initial trauma. Childhood accidents and sports injuries in adolescence resulting in brain inflammation may be the root cause of Raynaud’s disease symptoms into adulthood.

Often, a single neurofeedback treatment relieves Raynaud’s symptoms. Several treatment sessions are generally necessary to fully solidify the desired results. Treatments typically restore optimal circulation along with greater endurance, mental clarity, and emotional resilience.

“Five minutes after LENS Neurofeedback, my hands were warm. And my energy level went up as relaxation kicked in. Honestly, I’ve never had warm hands before in my life, unless I held them in hot water. Now, when I pinch myself it’s a different feel. My hands and feet are in the flow. This is more than I imagined possible.”

— Malia, A Mom from San Francisco

Treatment Sessions

Echo Neurotherapy treatments are administrated while sitting comfortably in an office chair. A computer interface initiates micro-signals through four sensors placed on the head. The brain receives EEG information during treatment and patterns its functions to operate more effectively. To enact the new instructions, the brain orders more vasodilation and blood flow for itself. The heart pumps more blood everywhere and hands and feet warm up. This induces a neurological reset in the brain and neuropathways. Treatments release trauma loops caused by stress reactions in the central nervous system. Stress reactions are a normal part of the human defensives to conserve core heat to protect the body for survival. Neurotherapy breaks the defensive cycle of withholding circulation to the extremities. A lifetime of cold hands and feet can often be successfully treated in a few treatments.