Heal and Restore with LENS Neurofeedback

Treatment for anxiety, depression, and chronic illnesses.
Rebuild neural brain networks without medication.
Restore clarity, memory, and brain  functions.

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Top-rated clinical treatment for adults, teens, and kids. LENS Neurofeedback conforms for use in AACAP guidelines for behavioral health.

Our comfortable office setting is ideal for neurotherapy treatment. Initial session address symptoms of mood imbalance, memory issues, brain fog due to prolonged illness such as long-hauler syndrome, including procrastination, fatigue, irritability, reading, math, and learning challenges. Learn more about treatment for symptoms and disorders. See our five-star client reviews.

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Conditions Treated


Stress reactions fade away and worries resolve in the first session. 
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Restore clear mental focus without habitual distractions.
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Treatment helps the brain  to stop defending itself from the past traumas.
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Depression/ Bipolar

Relieves negative thought loops, restores energy, clarity, and mental agility.
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Post-concussion, TBI

Restore normal functions and memory from post-concussion syndrome
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Regenerate and reset neural pathways to calm an irritated brain.
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Learning Disabilities

Regenerate and reset neural pathways to calm an irritated brain.
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Chronic illness
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Medical procedures
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Migraines & Headaches

Relieves reoccurring head pains and discomfort.
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Brain Fog

Clears blurry thinking, helps memory and energy.
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Couples Therapy

Address the underlying causes of conflict.
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Raynaud’s Syndrome

Restores circulation to extremities for warmer hands and feet.
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Children of Narcissistic Parents

Psychological trauma due to narcissistic parents can be healed. 
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Treatment may benefit other behaviors including, sleep, anger management, sexual performance, procrastination, phobias, memory, test taking, nervous tics, Parkinson’s symptoms, neuropathy, eating disorders, recovery from Lyme disease and lingering effects of flu symptoms or long-term illness.

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We might think of LENS helping the brain to reboot, like a computer that is no longer functioning optimally. LENS is just as safe and effective as traditional neurofeedback but works more quickly, saving both time and money. GoodTherapy.org  2013