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Children, teens, and adults have experienced successful results for all types of anxiety with LENS Neurofeedback. This scientifically advanced therapy accelerates rebuilding of brain cells and healthy neuropathways to reduce habitual nervous stress reactions.

Clients report emotional ease plus greater calm and mental clarity after the first session. Experience the benefits of medication-free LENS Nerurofeedback in the first session. It’s a safe and easy treatment to reduce and end habitual anxiety loops leading to depression or panic attacks.

  • Rebuild healthy neurological brain networks.
  • Reset neuropathways to normalize emotional balance.
  • Restore mental agility,  memory, and clear thinking
  • Return calm and self-confidence.
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Drug-Free Alternative

LENS Neurofeedback is a micro electromagnetic field that shows the brain how to reset itself for optimal performance. Most clients report feeling relaxed and calm with heightened mental clarity and steady emotional resilience in their first session. LENS Neurofeedback is not a specific treatment for any one condition, but a general regulation of the neuropathways as part of the central nervous system. New balance in the brain often results in better sleep, focus, and calm moods that reduces or eliminates symptoms of anxiety and worry.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, “long-term stress can help cause a variety of health problems, including mental health disorders like depression and anxiety”. Neurofeedback therapy has be shown to reduce stress and worry. These are leading causes of anxiety and hyper nervous behavior.

Humans are Pre-wired for Anxiety and Stress

Most of our difficulties develop out of thoughts that once protected us, but may no longer apply to the present. We jump back with fear when we see a curved stick, because long ago someone was harmed by a snake. This reactivity has an evolutionary value. Since the survival of our species has been bred to favor defensive reactivity, there is no fault or personal failure to worry.  It’s just a habitual behaviour that can be reset with treatment.

Choosing Calm

  1. Anxiety management means learning to calm ourselves, to choose our parasympathetic nervous system over our sympathetic reaction, is a lifelong task. Now neuroscience can help significantly.
  2. Most of our clients report that after LENS treatments, they are better able to choose calm moods. In particular, they feel less entangled in compulsive, habitual worries about past failures and future fears. They become present in this moment; their thinking is clear and unclouded; and they have room in their mind for happiness.

One Cause, Many Symptoms, One Easy Treatment

Although the tendency to incline towards worry is universal, the particular symptoms produced by stress vary greatly. Mood disorders treated in include simple anxiety, medication withdrawal, social anxiety, phobias, PTSD, OCD, panic attacks, and most types of depression.

Self Regulated System

“As self-regulation occurs [from LENS treatments], many symptoms that have their basis in central nervous system dysfunction begin to improve. It can manifest as mood improvement in people with anxiety, depression, and explosiveness. It can manifest in improved sleep in people with sleeping disorders, restless leg syndrome, or night teeth grinding.

This unique neurofeedback technique may also benefit people who are already healthy and are interested in peak functioning and inner resilience to stress.”

—D. Corydon Hammond, PhD