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Children, teens, and adults have experienced successful treatment of ADD/ADHD with LENS Neurofeedback. This scientifically advanced therapy accelerates rebuilding brain cells and healthy neuropathways to improve attention deficit disorder, clear foggy thinking, and improve memory.

Clients report feeling calmer with heightened mental focus and improved emotional resilience after the first session. Experience the benefits medication-free Nerurofeedback to eliminate causes of habitual ADD/ADHD symptoms:

  • Rebuild healthy neurological brain networks.
  • Reset neuropathways to normalize hormone balance.
  • Restore mental focus, balance, and self-confidence.

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Drug Free Alternative

Clients of all ages demonstrate improvements with successive treatment sessions over several weeks or months.

  • Symptoms decline after first or second session
  • Decrease  ADD/ADHD medications
  • Improve focus and performance, steady emotions, and sustain resilient moods
  • No talk therapy needed–just practical results

Symptoms Chart

People with ADHD are creative, energetic big-picture thinkers with CEO qualities, but they also tend to be frustrated by the inability to finish things and connect with others. The label “ADHD” covers both hyperactive and initentive types. Everyone struggles sometimes with these states, and can improve with neurofeedback without a formal diagnosis.


    • Confusion and jumbled thoughts
    • Easily distracted
    • Problems reading and taking tests
    • Skipping details
    • Forgettfulness

    • Irritability, sudden anger or defiance
    • Blurting and interrupting
    • Anxiety about performance
    • Feelings hurt and embarassed often
    • Missing social cues
    • Friendship rejection
    • Stomach/headaches

    • Restless foot tapping, always moving
    • Hurrying until exhausted
    • Constantly talking
    • Procrastination or leaving things half done
    • Sleep issues
    • Impatience
    • Difficulty with transitions

“Teacher says I’m a good listener now”
– Mill Valley Student

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Dr Hollowell recommends LENS for ADD Super Parenting

We have seen excellent results, especially in adults who have ADD. LENS seems to help them come out of their fog, without medication. The more I learned and the more positive results I saw, the more impressed I became...
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“It’s like a miracle. I have my son back!”
– Parent, San Rafael, CA

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ADD Magazine Reviews LENS neurofeedback

A controlled study of 100 subjects with different diagnoses -- ADHD, traumatic brain injury, bipolar disorder -- showed that 90 percent of them did better after LENS...
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Mindfulness Training
for ADD/ADHD Treatment

Neuroscience research shows that the way out of the ADHD racing thoughts isn’t by trying harder, but by relaxing into the pleasure of this present moment, so that we don’t want to leave. What if everything felt good right now? What if you were contented and happy? When our brains are balanced, completing tasks can be fun and rewarding. We notice our thoughts and sensations without their putting us into orbit. We stop rushing into the future and settle into the present. We finish one thing at a time.

Our brains have evolved to prioritize survival thoughts. We can become stuck on many negative loops. After LENS Neurofeedback, it’s easy to sit still and notice the mind’s movement from one thought to another. Mindfulness practice is simply noticing the positive moments and stretching them out, until contentment becomes the brain’s default setting. LENS neurofeedback makes it easy to sit still and pay attention. Mindfulness lets you choose new skillful patterns and solidify them as your neuro-pathways.

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