What is LENS?
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The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) is a highly advanced form of biofeedback that stimulates the brain to reset itself for optimal functioning.

How is LENS different from traditional neurofeedback?

LENS sessions are easier and faster. Results are more immediate. Fewer sessions are needed. And a greater range of symptoms are addressed. LENS neurofeedback is an echo of brainwave patterns directed back through the sensors. The user doesn’t see, hear or try to do anything. This technology is effective in seconds because the brain itself decides how to interpret and utilize the information.
Brainwave biofeedback, EEG biofeedback, and more typically neurofeedback are all names that describe the process of providing information about changes in the nervous system, usually by measuring brainwave frequency and strength through wires and sensors on the scalp. Traditionally, information about changes in brain waves was delivered through a sound or computer screen, which alerted the user when they stumbled on to a particular pattern that the technician considered more “normal”. Brainwave training or conditioning took repeated sessions of about 45-60 minutes.
LENS is not brain training, but rather un-training the wasteful frozen alarms in the brain. LENS shows the brain how to let go.

Can LENS help my meditation practice?

Yes, during LENS sessions even people who have never meditated experience the brain letting go into advanced meditation states. Beginners get the benefits of meditation– awareness, peace,happiness, clarity, and contentment right away, which inspires them to sit for longer periods. With the mind quiet, meditation is easier. Seasoned meditators quickly drop into their best meditation states and progress from there. We have experience with the markers of progressive meditation states, and can guide your efforts to neuroawakening.

How can Neurofeedback help my child?

LENS is particularly effective with children because it requires no effort and only takes a few seconds. Immediate results are relaxation, calm, clarity, and cooperation. Many studies demonstrate its effectiveness for ADD and ADHD. LENS addresses behavioral problems, learning disorders, performance anxiety, head trauma, and other difficulties. It can also help children who overuse screen time and procrastinate.