Recovery from Chronic Illness

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LENS Neurofeedback is a primary treatment for persistent flu and lingering virus symptoms. It’s an effective therapy for autoimmune  aftereffects of chronic illness commonly called long hauler syndrome. These may include shortness of breath, fatigue,  body aches, persistent cough, headaches, brain fog, and palpitations.

Neruotherapy is shown to be  effective for painful symptoms of fibromyalgia, lyme disease, and  anxiety leading to depression. Treatment reduces brain and body inflammation. It improves circulation and restores normal functioning in for most people in one or two treatments.

•   Reduce brain fog, painful body acnes, and fatigue. 
•   Rebuild healthy neural networks
•   Relieve discomfort, anxiety,  distress, and depression.
•   Restore mental clarity, body comfort, and renewed energy.

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A Primary Treatment

During the pandemic, symptoms can last anywhere from four weeks to six months after testing positive for the virus for some people,. These patients, given the name “long haulers” have in theory recovered from the worst impacts of illness and tested negative. However, they still have symptoms. There seems to be no consistent reason for this to happen.

 This condition can affect anyone – old and young, otherwise healthy people and those battling other conditions. It has been seen in those who were hospitalized for it and patients with very mild symptoms. Studies indicate that about 10% of people infected with  will experience long-haul symptoms.

“We see a lot of people who weren’t ever hospitalized, so they maybe were younger or even older. They were sick at home. Maybe febrile, body aches, felt crummy for a period of time, but then just never recovered. Or, they recovered a little bit and then got worse again,” said Christian Sandrock , MD, MPH. Dr. Sandrock is a pulmonary, critical care, and infectious disease physician and professor of medicine at the University of California Davis in Sacramento, California.

Severe viral infections result in brain and body trauma, Even after the virus is gone, defensive trauma and distress often manifest as a multitude of symptoms and disabilities.

LENS Neurofeedback is a primary  therapy being used in treatment for lingering illness due to severe virus infections or flu symptoms. Treatment accelerates recovery due to it affect on inflammation. LENS has been clinically demonstrated successful with a wide variety of symptoms an disorders in over a million sessions worldwide. Initial treatments haves shown to relieve lingering flu and viral long hauler symptoms.

Personalized for Stability and Success

Neurofeedback is a passive EEG in-office treatment administered while seated in a chair with there small sensors placed on your heard. The treatment takes only a few minutes and begins working immediately. It automatically relaxes the central nervous system while optimizing neural pathways and  permits the brain  to operate more efficiently.

The brain immediately begins healing itself in the initial treatment session. LENS Neurofeedback helps the body’s immune system automatically eliminate energy-wasting neural pathways that are adversely affected. This means many trauma symptoms are healed and eliminated in the order of  severity regardless of how long they have persisted.

Results can be noticed within minutes with immediate relief.  Effects lengthen in the first few hours and days following treatment. Indicators include a return to increased bodily comfort and mental clarity. Multiple treatment sessions  may be needed for severe disabilities like smell blindness, fatigue, or impaired hearing. Follow up treatments insure enduring benefits and stable results. Good health and fitness support full recovery in as little as a single session.

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CASE STUDY: Post-Viral Cognitive Impairment

At age 19, Peter was struck down by the pandemic. Returning to work after three weeks, his supervisors told him he was slow and ineffective.

He himself couldn’t notice a problem with his thinking–he thought he was covering up his difficulty– but everyone in his life told him he was not at his best. In his own words:“This virus was the worst illness of my 19 years, leaving me feeling very bad in bed for a couple of weeks. My main symptoms were headaches, sore throat, and body ache, as well as ongoing fatigue.”

“I had no sense of smell or taste as well. Recovery was slow. But even after months, I just could not transition past the last of “sick me” to the “regular me” because thinking and moving took impossible effort. Was I becoming what they call a “long hauler”, with symptoms lasting years after the virus is gone?”

Session 1: “My energy has increased. I am able to watch my thoughts. Something cleared–I am paying attention to every word I hear. The meaning goes in and stays. Why couldn’t I tell how bad things were before? This is the “regular me” I have been missing! I’m back.”

Session 2: “LENS was something. I had never heard about but was very curious to experience. It took me a while to notice the effects, but after my second session, I realized that my brain fog and body fatigue were gone. Not improved, but gone. It was amazing to see how quickly it worked. To me, it felt like my mind and body were in sync again. I felt more energetic and focused and that was a pleasant feeling that kept going.”