Recovery from Medical Procedures

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Recovery from long term side effects of trauma related surgery and invasive medical procedures is successfully treated with LENS Neurofeedback. Treatment provides recovery therapy that reduces trauma induced inflammation. Neruofeedback is a primary treatment to improve circulation and metabolism to restore optimal healthy body process.

Initial treatment rebuilds healthy neural pathways to relieve symptoms of  fatigue, discomfort and pain. Clients report feeling calmer with less anxiety better sleep, and improve memory after the first session.

  • Reduce brain inflammation and discomfort and distress
  • Reset brain neural pathway and neuroplasticity to support neural regeneration.
  • Restore calm, clarity and emotional resilience.

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Advanced Neurofeedback Speeds Recovery

Medical procedures and severe illness my require long-term rehabilitation, pain management, and recovery therapy. EchoNeuro Protocol used the clinic work as a reset button for pain and trauma from medical procedures. These treatment protocols have enabled clients to return to full productivity. Treatment relieves automatic reactions to fear of pain along with worry and anxiety resulting from surgery and the effects of medical procedures. Stress reduction helps prevent stress induced cardiac problems such as tachycardia and “broken heart syndrome”

Neurofeedback treatments successfully clear lingering symptoms of invasive major medical procedures. Severe viral infections result in brain trauma. ell after the procedure, defensive trauma wounds and distress often manifest as brain fog, fatigue, headache, indecision, fear as a result of brain inflammation. Depression and  unexplained anxiety may continue for years if not treated.

LENS Neurofeedback is an emerging technology used widely to accelerate recovery. It has been clinically demonstrated successful in over a million sessions worldwide. Treatment relieves lingering symptoms of medical procedures including excessive use of perception drugs

Neurofeedback is a passive EEG in-office treatment administered while seated in a chair. It takes only a few minutes of treatment to begin working. The effect automatically relaxes the central nervous system and reduces brain inflammation. This permits the brain and neural networks to operate more efficiently. The brain immediately begins healing itself in the initial treatment session. It prunes the most energy-wasting neural adversely affected pathways. This means the reduction of brain inflammation directly correlates to symptom relief and disappear in the order of their severity Results can be noticed within minutes in most patients. Most experience rapid relief from discomfort and pain along with diminished body fatigue. Multiple sessions stabilize results with enduring benefits in all age groups.