Migraines and Headaches

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LENS Neurotherapy is a safe and effective primary treatment for chronic headaches and migraines. Pain and discomfort caused by brain inflammation resulting from stress reactions or emotional trauma can be treated in a comfortable office setting with accelerated results  

Neurofeedback sessions are medication free treatments combine LENS Neurofeedback with individualized Echo-neruo protocols to relieve pain and reset cognitive functions. Most clients experience substantial and sustained benefits in the initial session with total restoration of functions in follow-up sessions if needed.

LENS is a non-invasive low energy neurofeedback system used in clinics and wellness centers world-wide. Treatment reduces long-term brain inflammation and accelerates neuroregeneration in brain receptors and neural pathways to optimize brain health.

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Migraine and Headaches

Scientifically advanced LENS Neurofeedback is safe and easy. It is a proven to have positive change for those who have chronic migraines or headaches. Women in particular are more susceptible particularly in pre-menopausal cycles. In many cases, a single Neurofeedback session eliminates or greatly reduces the severity of reoccurring pain.


“I was amazed! Twice I walked into his office with migraine symptoms that vanished within five minutes and were gone the rest of the day. And not only was the migraine gone, but I had tons of energy!”

— Bonnie A., Santa Rosa

What Causes Migraines?

Migraines may have many causes that trigger episodes. Some are traceable to past physical trauma a series of small concussions that add up to Traumatic Brain injury (TBI) in childhood that may have gone unnoticed at the time. Later in life, the onset of trauma may manifest as headaches, brain fog, poor memory, anxiety, panic attacks and depression Other cause can include severe bodily impact, prolonged fever or chronic emotional distress. Prolonged sleep deprivation, dehydration, electrolyte depletion, toxic air quality and poor diet may be contributing factors to cause migraines and mental impairments.


LENS Neurofeedback and EchoNuro treatments are administrated while sitting in a comfortable office chair. A computer interface initiates micro-signals through four sensors placed on the forehead and on the ears. The brain receives EEG feedback information and adjusts it operating patterns its function optimally. To enact the new instructions, the brain orders more vasodilation and blood flow in the body with greater ease so the hands and feet warm up.

Treatments induce a neurological reset in the brain and neuropathways that decreases inflammation. Effects typically release trauma loops caused by a lifetime of stress reactions that interact with the central nervous system. Neurotherapy sessions for migraines gradually reduce habitual anxiety, depression or explosiveness while promoting deeper sleep, enhanced memory, and clearer thinking.

Additional Wellness Support

Stress reduction and good self-care decisions have been shown to relieve or reduce choric headache discomfort. There may not be a single cause but rather contributing causes of severe symptoms that require medical testing and intervention. Long and short-term behavior modification may offer alternative or complimentary treatment options along with neurofeedback.

Nutraceutical Testing — A simple urine test can often reveal imbalances in neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers in your brain and body. Individually tailored supplements often improve moods and sleep. They can also help calm the mind to increase productivity by reducing distraction.

Medication Management — Before your appointment, keep taking your migraine medication if it works. Many common medications may produce headaches as a side effect or rebound to the primary benefit. At Echo Neurotherapy, our psychiatrist specializes in managing maladaptive medication regimens.  He has extensive experience with pharmacodynamics genetic testing, in which the biocompatibility of certain medications specific to your body is measured and evaluated. Most insurance companies and Medicare will cover full or partial payment for this service.

Mindful Breathing — We have observed that many of our migraine clients hold their breath in a characteristic way. People adopt this as a solution to calm their body and decrease stress reactions. However, over time this “freeze” response becomes a well-defined habit that may reduce vital oxygen in the brain. In response to oxygen starvation, the body reacts with migraine symptoms to alert the rest of the brain that something is harming it. Passive neurofeedback sessions gradually relieve neurological networks from repeating habitual breathing patterns that trigger headaches that inhabit healthy blood flow.

Meditation — Meditation is mainstream. There is wide availability of non-religious meditative group proactive available in online groups. Videos, and a variety of apps offer convenient guidance for home practice and training.

Body Work — Osteopathic, chiropractic, and craniofacial work all help restore blood flow throughout the body and to the head. There are expert practitioners around the Bay Area that that provide effective therapeutics to improve holistic well-being.