Client Reviews

“My 13 year old son received two sports concussions within a few months. Grant gave him LENS therapy (low energy neurofeedback system). Within a short period of time my son reported his memory, mood and coordination were better than before the concussions.”
   — A.W. San Rafael, CA

“My mind is so clear and organized, I get more done.”
   — J.S., Executive, San Francisco

“I had my first back-and-forth conversation with my autistic son.”
     — C.W., Benicia CA

“My fear of public speaking is gone.”
     — Victoria Vogel, Mill Valley

“My anxiety kept me worrying about what people thought of me; I couldn’t leave the house. I tried other treatments like TCMS that gave me terrible headaches. Then neurofeedback changed me in one profound moment. Since my first session at Echo Rock, I am worry free.”
     — Keith Bigelow

“Without reworking my trauma, I simply was able to let it go. “
     — S.B., San Francisco

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“I was amazed by how quickly it worked. In seconds I felt calmer, sharper, my eyesight was better, I could see more colors.  I felt ready to walk on stage and perform.”
     — Amy Greene, San Rafael, CA

“No negative thoughts for two weeks.”
     — Dick F., Mill Valley, CA

 “I was amazed. Twice I walked into Echo Rock with migraine symptoms that vanished within five minutes and were gone the rest of the day. Not only was the migraine gone, but I had tons of energy.”
     — Bonnie A., Mill Valley, CA

“My teacher says I am a good listener now.”
     — O.S., Novato,  CA

“I can hardly believe how relaxed yet clear I feel after just one session. I have come home to myself.”
     — A. P., San Francisco CA

“My mind stopped spinning and my anxiety disappeared after my first session.”
     — K.W., Mill Valley, CA